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Michael Jackson - Discografi

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Michael Jackson - Discografi

Mesaj tarafından KeReM @ Bir Cuma Nis. 06, 2012 11:24 am

Michael Jackson - Discografi

[1972] Ben

2.The Greatest Show on Earth
3.People Make the World Go Round
4.We’ve Got a Good Thing Going
5.Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool
6.My Girl
7.What Goes Around Comes Around
8.In Our Small Way
10.You Can Cry On My Shoulder

[1972] Got To Be There

1.Ain’t No Sunshine
2.I Wanna Be Where You Are
3.Girl Don’t Take Your Love From Me
4.In Our Small Way
5.Got to Be There
6.Rockin’ Robin
7.Wings of My Love
8.Maria (You Were the Only One)
9.Love is Here and Now You’re Gone
10.You’ve Got a Friend

[1973]Music And Me

1.With A Child’s Heart
2.Up Again
3.All The Things You Are
5.Too Young
6.Doggin’ around
7.Johnny Raven
9.Morning Glow
10.Music & Me

[1975]Forever Michael

1.We’re Almost There
2.Take Me Back
3.One Day In Your Life
4.Cinderella Stay Awhile
5.We’ve Got Forever
6.Just a Little Bit of You
7.You Are There
8.Dapper Dan
9.Dear Michael
10.I’ll Come Home to You

[1979] Off The Wall

1.Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
2.Rock With You
3.Workin’ Day And Night
4.Get On The Floor
5.Off The Wall
7.She’s Out Of My Life
8.I Can’t Help It
9.It’s The Falling In Love

[1981]One Day In Your Life

1.One Day in Your Life
2.Don’t Say Goodbye Again
3.You’re My Best Friend, My Love
4.Take Me Back
5.We’ve Got Forever
6.It’s Too Late to Change the Time
7.You Are There
8.Dear Michael
9.I’ll Come Home to You
10.Make Tonight All Mine

[1982] Thriller

1.Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
2.Baby Be Mine
3.The Girl Is Mine
5.Beat It
6.Billie Jean
7.Human Nature
8.P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
9.The Lady In My Life

[1983] Diverse

1.Somebody's Watching Me (Rockwell Feat.Mj)
2.For All Time
3.All The Things You Are (From "Motown Celebrates Sinatra")
4.What Will It Take
6.Whatzupwitu (Feat. Eddie Murphy)
7.One More Chance
8.On The Line
9.Almost There
10.We Are The World (Demo)
11.We Are Here To Change The World
12.It's Not Worth It (Brandy Feat.Mj)
14.We've Had Enough
15.Say Say Say (Feat.Paul Mccartney)
16.Someone Put Your Hand Out
17.No Friend Of Mine (Pras Feat. Mj)
18.I'll Come Home To You
19.Satisfy You
20.In The Back
21.What More Can I Give
23.Fall Again (Demo)
24.Monkey Business
25.Cheater (Demo)
26.The Way You Love Me
27.Sunset Driver (Demo)
29.If You Don't Love Me
30.Workin' Day And Night (Original Demo From 1978)
32.Ease On Down The Road (From "The Wiz")
33.Beautiful Girl (Demo)
34.Scared Of The Moon (Demo)
35.You Can't Win (From "The Wiz")

[1987] Bad

2.The Way You Make Me Feel
3.Speed Demon
4.Liberian Girl
5.Just Good Friends
6.Another Part of Me
7.Man in the Mirror
8.I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
9.Dirty Diana
10.Smooth Criminal
11.Leave Me Alone

[1987]The Original Soul Of

1.Twenty-Five Miles
2.Dancing Machine
3.It's Too Late To Change
5.Ain't No Sunshine
6.Got To Be There
7.Doggin' Around
8.Rockin' Robin
9.If I Don't Love You This Way
10.You've Got A Friend
11.Forever Came Today

[1991] Dangerous

2.Why you wanna trip on me
3.In the closet
4.She drives me wild
5.Remember the Time
6.Can’t let her get away
7.Heal the world
8.Black or white
9.Who is it
10.Give in to Me
11.Will You Be There
12.Keep the faith
13.Gone too soon

[1994] Scream-Single

1.Scream (Single Edit)
2.Scream (Def Radio Mix)
3.Scream (Naughty Radio Edit)
4.Scream (Urban Remix Edit)

[1995] History


1.Billie Jean
2.The Way You Make Me Feel
3.Black or White
4.Rock With You
5.She Is Out Of My Life
7.I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
8.Man In The Mirror
10.Beat It
11.The Girl Is Mine
12.Remember The Time
13.Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough
14.Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin
15.Heal The World


1.Scream con Janet Jackson
2.They Don’t Care About Us
3.Stranger in Moscow
4.This Time Around
5.Earth Song
8.Come Together
9.You Are Not Alone
10.Childhood (Theme from Free Willy 2)
11.Tabloid Junkie
12.2 Bad con Shaquille O’Neal
14.Little Susie

[1997] Blood On The Dance Floor

1.Blood On The Dance Floor
3.Superfly Sister
5.Is It Scary

[2001] Invincible

4.Break Of Dawn
5.Heaven Can Wait
6.You Rock My World
9.2000 Watts
10.You Are My Life
12.Don't Walk Away
14.The Lost Children
15.Whatever Happens

[2005] The Essential Michael Jackson


1.I Want You Back
3.The Love You Save
4.Got To Be There
5.Rockin' Robin
7.Blame It On The Boogie
8.Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)
9.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
10.Off The Wall
11.Rock With You
12.She's Out Of My Life
13.Can You Feel It
14.The Girl Is Mine
15.Billie Jean
16.Beat It
17.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
18.Human Nature
19.P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
20.I Just Can't Stop Loving You


2.The Way You Make Me Feel
3.Man In The Mirror
4.Dirty Diana
5.Another Part Of Me
6.Smooth Criminal
7.Leave Me Alone
8.Black Or White
9.Remember The Time
10.In The Closet
11.Who Is It
12.Heal The World
13.Will You Be There
14.You Are Not Alone
15.Earth Song
16.They Don't Care About Us
17.You Rock My World

[2008]5 - 50 Best Songs,The Motown Years

1.The Jackson 5 - Abc
2.The Jackson 5 - Never Can Say Goodbye
3.The Jackson 5 - Ready Or Not (Here I Come)
4.The Jackson 5 - Love Song
5.The Jackson 5 - Forever Came Today
6.The Jackson 5 - The Life Of The Party
7.The Jackson 5 - Doctor My Eyes
8.The Jackson 5 - All I Do Is Think Of You
9.The Jackson 5 - I ** Love (Parts 1 & 2)
10.The Jackson 5 - Darling Dear
11.The Jackson 5 - Maybe Tomorrow
12.The Jackson 5 - I Found That Girl
13.The Jackson 5 - It's Too Late To Change The Time
14.The Jackson 5 - Lookin' Through The Windows
15.The Jackson 5 - Who's Lovin' You
16.The Jackson 5 - Whatever You Got, I Want
17.The Jackson 5 - I'll Be There
18.The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
19.The Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine
20.The Jackson 5 - Sugar Daddy
21.The Jackson 5 - Little Bitty Pretty One
22.The Jackson 5 - Hum Along And Dance
23.The Jackson 5 - Corner Of The Sky
24.The Jackson 5 - I'm So Happy
25.The Jackson 5 - Get It Together
26.The Jackson 5 - Goin' Back To Indiana
27.The Jackson 5 - Skywriter
28.The Jackson 5 - The Love You Save
29.The Jackson 5 - Mama's Pearl
30.The Jackson 5 - Touch
31.The Jackson 5 - La La (Means I Love You)
32.The Jackson 5 - It's Great To Be Here
33.The Jackson 5 - Hallelujah Day
34.The Jackson 5 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
35.Michael Jackson - Farewell My Summer Love
36.Michael Jackson - You've Got A Friend
37.Michael Jackson - My Girl
38.Michael Jackson - One Day In Your Life
39.Michael Jackson - Just A Little Bit Of You
40.Michael Jackson - Got To Be There
41.Michael Jackson - We've Got A Good Thing Going
42.Michael Jackson - Rockin' Robin
43.Michael Jackson - Ben
44.Michael Jackson - I Wanna Be Where You Are
45.Michael Jackson - Girl You're So Together
46.Michael Jackson - We're Almost There
47.Michael Jackson - Wings Of My Love
48.Michael Jackson - Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me
49.Michael Jackson - Music And Me
50.Michael Jackson - Ain't No Sunshine

[2008] King Of Pop 2 CD


1.Billie Jean
2.Beat it
4.Smooth Criminal
6.Dirty Diana
7.Black or White
8.Men in the Mirror
9.Earth Song
10.Heal the World
11.They Don’t Care About Us
12.Who is it
14.The Way You Make Me Feel
15.We’ve Had Enough
16.Remember the Time


1.Whatever Happens
2.You Are Not Alone
3.Say Say Say
4.Liberian Girl
5.Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
6.Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough
7.I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
8.Give in to Me
10.Will You Be There
12.You Rock My World
13.Stranger in Moscow
14.Rock with You
15.Got the Hots
16.Thriller Megamix

[2009] Number Ones

1.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
2.Rock With You
3.Billie Jean
4.Beat It
6.Human Nature
7.I Just Can't Stop Loving You
9.The Way You Make Me Feel
10.Dirty Diana
11.Smooth Criminal
12.Black Or White
13.You Are Not Alone
14.Earth Song
15.Blood On The Dance Floor
16.You Rock My World
17.Break Of Dawn
18.One More Chance

[xxxx] Unreleased & Other

1.Beautiful Girl (Demo)
2.Cheater (Demo)
3.Didn't Mean To Hurt You
4.Ease On Down The Road
5.Fall Again (Demo)
6.For All Time
7.Give In To Me
8.If You Don't Love Me
9.In The Back
10.Lovely One
11.Monkey Business
12.On The Line
13.One More Chance
14.Satisfy You
15.Say Say Say
16.Scared Of The Moon (Demo)
18.Somebody's Watching Me
19.Someone Put Your Hand Out
20.Speed Demon
21.State Of Shock (Ft. Mick Jagger)
22.State Of Shock
23.Stranger In Moscow
25.Sunset Driver (Demo)
26.Tease Me
27.The Way You Love Me
28.This Place Hotel
29.This Time Around
31.We Are Here To Change The World
32.We Are The World (Demo)
33.We've Had Enough
34.What More Can I Give
35.What Will It Take
37.Workin' Day And Night (Demo From 1978)
39.You Can't Win[/FONT][/B][/COLOR]


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